What type of dancing does the program offer?
The Young Dancers’ Program is a non-competitive program that is based in contemporary/creative dance technique; it offers a range of classes in creative movement for ages 3 to 17.

At what age can my child start classes?
Children must be at least 3 years of age at the start of their first class. The program is designed for dancers up to the age of 17.

What days/times are classes offered?
Classes for the Young Dancers’ Program are scheduled on Saturdays and run from September to May.

What should my child wear to class?
We ask that all students have bare feet in the studio unless medical reasons prevent it, in which case soft-soled shoes (dance Oxfords) may be worn.

Ages 3 – 5: Leotards and footless tights or unitards are ideal. Bike shorts and t-shirts can also be worn. Tutus and dress-up clothes are not good for mobility, nor are they conducive to a full range of creative movement exploration, which includes floor work such as rolling. Indoor shoes or slippers should be brought so that travel from one studio to another is comfortable.
Ages 5 – 13: Leotards and footless tights (full-length or above the knee) or unitards are ideal. Close fitting t-shirts and dance pants are also good, providing the shape of the body and all of the joints are easy to see.
Ages 13 and up: We encourage unitards or leotards with footless tights exclusively. Dance pants or t-shirts should be considered extra layers, used for warmth only. Dance pants should be no longer than mid-calf length.

How big are the classes?
Maximum class sizes vary according to the age of the dancers, and range from 13 to 20. To find out the maximum size for a particular class, please contact the School.

Is there a final showing or concert?
At the end of each semester, there is a presentation by the young dancers for their family and friends.

When can I register my child? Is registration continuous?
If you are interested in registering your child, please let us know as soon as possible. We accept advance registrations and continue to take new registrations (subject to availability), during the first three weeks of each semester. Please be advised that some classes may have a waiting list. Please see Fees, Schedules & Registration.

Where are you located? Is there parking at the School?
We are located in the heart of historic Cabbagetown, at 80 Winchester Street – just east of Parliament Street, between Carlton and Wellesley Streets. There is street parking available near the School.