September 11 – December 18, 2021

We are offering a new extended version of our virtual Young Dancers’ Program classes starting this September through December 2021. Classes are offered as a series of two sessions per month, which includes a live-streamed video to dance along with, and a LIVE Zoom class with our instructors. These sessions are designed for a wide range of ages (3-17). All sessions run from 9:30-10:15am EDT.

During the live-streamed videos, students will have the opportunity to ask instructors questions and offer comments via live chat. During our LIVE Zoom classes, dancers will be led by one of our instructors, through movement that is based on the previous live-streamed video. Students will be able to see their instructors, and if they wish, they can also be seen by them!



Our Young Dancers’ Program (YDP) is designed to introduce children and young people ages 3 to 17 to creative movement and contemporary dance. Dancers are encouraged, both individually and in groups, to explore the dance experience in a focused and fun environment.

The YDP is a non-competitive program which focuses on young dancers’ imaginative and creative potential and aims to develop each child’s full expressiveness through movement. Children are placed in levels based on their age; in some cases, a child may be put in a younger class if he or she is new to dance.

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Our kids have been coming to the School of TDT for over ten years! We love the emphasis on creative expression. We’ve found the instructors and accompanists inventive, warm, and keyed into contemporary dance and music worlds, which enriches the whole experience. – Lauren & Nick, parents, YD I + III