This bursary is made possible through the generosity of the Walker Wood FoundationThis year’s recipients are Christina Litt Belch and Adèle Ross.

The criteria for this bursary include:

  • Canadian citizenship; 
  • demonstrated leadership qualities; 
  • ability to demonstrate financial need and that the receipt of this bursary will assist them in continuing their schooling; 
  • high academic standing; and 
  • good standing with the School and a commitment to training.


Comments on Christina’s application include these remarks from the panel:

Christina has turned a challenging circumstance into something quite incredible, and has found a way to keep herself completely engaged in her training. She really participates; she takes notes, makes excellent observations, and is very supportive to her classmates. She has great physical capabilities and will do extremely well. Working on her musicianship and compositions has truly brought out her immense talent and added a further dimension to her artistry. The panel really admired this about her.  One panelist said, “She’s a real star. I’m very impressed.”  

Christina is extremely proactive, communicative, and stays very positive. She’s always prepared, very professional, and creative. Alongside her training, she’s a Board representative, is on the Student Council, and has contributed in many ways to the success of student-run productions over the past three years.  


Comments on Adèle’s application include these remarks from the panel:

This was a strong application.  Adèle is a perfect student, willing to learn and listen, and very mature. She is a great leader in the class, for example, she showed real leadership in organizing the Climate Change march.  In 2nd year she knew exactly what she needed to do… and has been doing it. She pushes herself, has a very positive outlook, and a great work ethic. 

Adèle really impressed the panel. She is really thinking about the future – what she will do as a next step beyond the School and is already seeking out people to work with after she graduates; she’s really proactive. She’s so kind and personable.  Adèle will definitely find work… she’s a joy and so lovely to work with.