This bursary is made possible through the generosity of the Walker Wood Foundation. This year’s winners are Lyla-Jean Dezall, Christina Litt Belch, and Jianna Neufeld.

The criteria for this bursary include:

  • Canadian citizenship;
  • demonstrated leadership qualities;
  • must be able to demonstrate financial need and that the receipt of this bursary will assist them in continuing their schooling;
  • high academic standing; and
  • good standing with the School and a commitment to training.

Comments on Lyla-Jean’s application include these remarks from the panel:

Lyla-Jean is a fantastic student, a great dancer, and has been thorough in working hard to improve throughout her time at the School.  Her application was mature, well-written, and articulate.  Lyla-Jean is a quiet leader, but takes on leadership positions in order to learn new skills and to serve her classmates and the School.  She did an excellent job as Co-Producer of the Choreographic Workshop, and has helped out in many ways including fundraising activities and student-driven projects.  Lyla-Jean demonstrates great initiative.  Whatever you throw at her, she will do.  She will use all her skills to progress.  She won’t sit at home waiting for the phone to ring.  Lyla-Jean will make it happen.

Congratulations, Lyla-Jean!

Comments on Christina’s application include these remarks from the panel:

Christina came to the School with good training, and has really worked hard to use her training well while embracing new thinking and sensibilities.  Her application was excellent, and the panel noted that she has made great progress in her training.  She is very active in the School in a leadership capacity – as a class rep and Coffee House Producer – and she contributes to the well-being of the student body.  Christina works hard and sets a good example in class.  She’s lovely to work with, is a positive person who always has a smile on her face, and she shows tremendous potential for a wonderful career.

Congratulations, Christina!

Comments on Jianna’s application include these remarks from the panel:

Jianna submitted a fantastic application in which she articulated a deep commitment to her own growth, as well as commitment to her classmates and others in the dance community – Jianna sees the world beyond herself.  She has made great strides forward in her training, education, and the development of her artistry.  Jianna is a real leader in the School and, as a leader, is always very organized, open, and willing to help.  She has held many roles at school, from class rep to Coffee House producer, tackling all she takes on with excellence.  The panel noted that she has the highest academic standing of all the applicants, and that faculty upheld Jianna as an excellent dancer and a wonderful human being.

Congratulations, Jianna!