Through the generosity of Lindy Green and Sam Chaiton, The Winchester Prize is presented for choreographic distinction and perceived potential for creative development.  The prize winner will receive a cash award of $500, support to further develop their work with the guidance of a mentor, as well as the potential development of their work under the aegis of the SummerWorks Performance Festival, this summer, or within its future programming. 

The School is delighted to announce that Charlotte Cain, Michael Rayson, and Kurumi Yoshimoto have been chosen as this year’s winners of the Winchester Prize. This year’s Winchester Prize winning students will have their digital creations featured at SummerWorks on August 28, 2021 at 2pm EDT. Featuring fellow School grads from around the globe, this Winchester Prize triple bill highlights emerging artists and celebrates our ongoing partnership with SummerWorks, and is the culmination of the 2021 Festival.

All SummerWorks events are free, but some require advance registration. Ticket details will be released this coming Wednesday, August 25.


The adjudication panel said this about Charlotte’s application:

Charlotte is really eager, curious, honest, pro-active, very participatory, and energetic.  She’s keen, hungry. Yes!  Charlotte wants to go deeper and expand her piece.  Her instinct for editing is really strong and the panel was very interested in seeing how she can continue to tell a story and build images as this piece develops.   The panel was also interested to hear that she completely changed her piece from the first showing; this means she responds really well to mentorship and feedback and is willing to learn and grow.  One panelist said, “I loved her piece. Her artistic instincts are very strong.  I believe she could truly benefit from this support and look forward to seeing what she will do next!”

Brava Charlotte!


Photo by Justin Anantawan

About Michael the panel said this:

Michael is an excellent student; a fantastic dancer; he “plays well with others”, and is exceptionally talented.  In his application, Michael was very specific about his focus – how he will investigate new ways of presenting dance on the screen.  He put a lot of thought into his work and wants to go even deeper, and identified areas of interest that he’s really curious about.  He put a lot of time and effort into this project, and offered specificity around things he’s hoping to investigate. Even his title, Of Introspection, speaks to this interest.  There was a level of rigour in his application that was extremely impressive. All in all, the panel thought that Michael was “terrific” and a perfect candidate for the Winchester Prize, knowing that he would work diligently to make the most of this support for his development as an artist.

Bravo Michael!


About Kurumi the panel said this:

Kurumi is a fine artist and has an overwhelming curiosity and openness to dive in and discover new things.  Her approach is really interesting.  She shows flexibility and willingness to explore, and the panel was extremely confident she would use the mentorship well and take the time to explore even further.  Her play on ambiguity, metaphor, and imagery is intriguing.  The panel, and the faculty, consider Kurumi to be “amazing”; she embraced this program from the minute she landed here and has gone on to great accomplishments as an extremely sophisticated dancer and choreographer.    

Brava Kurumi!