The Sharon Moore Solo Project is an initiative to provide an opportunity to a current student or new graduate of the School to engage in a creative process with Sharon Moore which may culminate in a new work. The initiative is a gift to the School from Sharon Moore, and is her contribution to the artistic development of the dancer.  

The School is delighted to announce that Benjamin Cox been chosen as this year’s participant in the Sharon Moore Solo Project.

Sharon says: 

Ben is an artist who pours all of himself into everything he approaches. His curiosity regarding life, art, and the world is infectious. As a dancer he weaves imagination, physical risk-taking, and musicality into emotionally moving interpretations.  Whether bringing to life architectural elegance, raw emotion, or the fullness of unique characters, Ben lends his incredible aliveness and deep theatrical understanding to every moment in motion. As a partner and collaborator he is ever present, always learning, and steadfastly connecting to the core purpose of the work. Ben has brought a huge sense of play, kindness, and passion to the studio, enabling others to excel through his generous communication and commitment to artistic discovery. His passion and intelligence are gifts to all who work with him. Ben, congratulations on all of your achievements at the School. We look forward to witnessing the next steps of your artistic journey.

The School extends congratulations to Ben.  Many thanks to Sharon Moore for her generosity, and best wishes to all for a wonderful experience.