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Modern/Contemporary Teen Intensive

Our teen intensive is a full-time, one- or two-week program for young dancers with a keen interest in modern and contemporary dance. The program is taught by a remarkable faculty who are focused on developing the technical, artistic, and performance skills of each student. Every day, dancers will take classes in modern and contemporary techniques – all accompanied by live music! Dancers will train in a number of diverse styles – from contemporary to formative modern techniques like Graham and Horton. The schedule is built to advance the technical, artistic, and performance skills of young dancers.

The School of Toronto Dance Theatre’s Summer Intensive for Teens is an exceptional opportunity for motivated young students to train with the best. Join us for two weeks of challenging, energetic, and fun classes where you can meet others who share the intensity of your passion for dance!

My daughter did the Teen Intensive and absolutely LOVED it! She was challenged and pushed and was happily exhausted after each day. Live music was a bonus! Would highly recommend it for the dancers who love contemporary. – Bernadine Shaw, Teen Intensive participant parent


Class Descriptions

Contemporary Technique – Johanna Bergfelt and Darryl Tracy

Classes in contemporary technique are physically demanding and artistically stimulating. Sound anatomical practices encourage strength, stamina, flexibility, versatility, musicality, dynamics, and phrasing. Emphasis is on strong technique as a base from which to build expansive movement qualities and confident performance.


Horton Technique – Debbie Wilson

Horton technique, based on the work of Lester Horton, is a rigorous, powerful and demanding discipline. It utilizes lateral torso movements and a dynamic attack, building increasingly difficult movement sequences.


Graham Technique – Rosemary James

Graham technique is derived from the work of American modern dance pioneer, Martha Graham. These classes provide dancers with an understanding and experience of the basic movement principles of contraction/release and spiral, beginning in the body’s centre and radiating into its extremities. One of the most dramatic of modern dance techniques, the Graham movement vocabulary has tremendous power and expressive potential.


Special Workshops

Special workshops may include (but are not limited to): improvisation, creative process, repertory, as well as workshops on the subjects of health and well-being, and practices related to fitness such as injury prevention. 



The weekly curriculum includes a daily contemporary class, and a daily modern class of either Horton or Graham technique. A variety of special workshops will supplement the technique training.

This is a full-time program. Classes run Monday to Friday.




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