The Sharon Moore Solo Project is an initiative to provide an opportunity to a current student or new graduate of the School to engage in a creative process with Sharon Moore. The dancer will participate in a two to four week process, which may culminate in a new work.

The School is delighted to announce that Rhianna Kelba and Ambre Orfao have been chosen as this year’s participants in the Sharon Moore Solo Project.

Sharon says:

“Rhianna’s aliveness as a dance artist has a unique effect. Her generosity of spirit and unbridled joy never fails to inspire those around her. Through deep dedication, courage for risk-taking, and sincere trust in the training, she has developed a dynamic ability to transpose image and concept into vividly haunting and physically electric movement interpretations. She is a valued collaborator, whose instincts provide insights into the creative process. She has worked tremendously hard for three years, developing a unique and magical artistic voice. It is a pleasure to witness her talent, heart, and generosity running at such high-voltage, as well as the depth of her care for her colleagues and for the artform.”

Sharon also speaks of Ambre:

“She has brought an undeniable generosity to the School community, sharing her ideas with honesty and compassion. Her many contributions to the School demonstrate admirable leadership. She possesses a unique intuitive ability to understand and support artistic vision. Whether with a colleague, teacher, or visiting artist, she gives all of herself to each grand adventure she goes on. Upon arrival at the School, she immediately committed to a practice of improvement – exploring the physical instrument, intellect, and human spirit together, through artful application. Her dedicated focus to training has advanced her unique voice as a creator and interpreter. She is a formidable artist – a risk taker, and an innovator at heart.”

The School extends congratulations to Rhianna and Ambre, many thanks to Sharon Moore for her generosity, and best wishes to all for a wonderful experience.