Kathryn Ash was on the Board of Directors of The School of Toronto Dance Theatre for 18 years and was President from 1995 to 2008.  Kathryn worked tirelessly for the School and offered constant guidance and wisdom in legal and governance issues. The Kathryn Ash Awards recognize Kathryn’s dedication to the School and reflect her passionate commitment to the areas of scholarship and creation.

Kathryn Ash Choreographic Commission

This award is presented to a choreographer for the commissioning of a new creation for the students of the School. As an expression of the School’s, and Kathryn’s, dedication to new creation and the professional development of our alumni, priority is given to a choreographer who is a graduate of the Professional Training Program. Riley Sims received the 2020 Kathryn Ash Choreographic Commission – click here to read the full announcement.

Kathryn Ash Scholarship

The Scholarship is a merit-based award given to a deserving student going into their final year of study and is the equivalent to one-half of one year’s tuition.

The Scholarship is awarded for:
• consistent demonstration of artistic and technical accomplishment
• receptiveness to the learning process
• curiosity, investigation, and exploration
• evidence of progress
• performance quality in class and on the stage
• work ethic, commitment, attendance, and professionalism
• integrity and dedication
• a passion for the craft of the dancer, and the art of dance

The winners of the 2020 Kathryn Ash Scholarship are Kurumi Yoshimoto and Yael Zifroni – read the full announcement here.