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As a graduate of the Professional Training Program you will be trained as a performer and prepared to pursue career opportunities in the field of contemporary dance.

“Before coming to the School, I didn’t have a lot of confidence to apply for dance work; now I have confidence, and feel physically prepared to do professional work.”
– Natalia Lisina, graduate, from Kazan, Russia
Graduates of The School of Toronto Dance Theatre are noted for their artistic and performance qualities, their technical proficiency, their versatility, and their strength.  They have achieved success as performers in companies and as independent artists.  Graduates are also working as artistic and rehearsal directors, choreographers, teachers, and dance-related practitioners.

“I have spent three years discovering my personal range as a dancer, and now I have a really great foundation.  I feel I can go out into the world and push all my limits.”
– Vanessa Faria, graduate, from Toronto, Ontario
In addition to Toronto Dance Theatre, which has drawn a majority of its current members from the School’s Professional Training Program, the School has sent an impressive number of graduates to major Canadian and international companies.

Other alumni have initiated their own dance collectives, festivals, and schools.  Some have continued with their studies for combined degrees, or have gone on to apply their knowledge of dance beyond the stage.

“Over the three years at the School, I have lost a lot of my fear, not just dance-related.  I realize that hard work can let you achieve a lot.”
– William Hamilton, graduate, from Sudbury, Ontario
“It is clear that a significant number of students are active in dance in Canada and internationally, and that the PTP increasingly attracts students from a number of international locations. This demonstrates the national and international recognition for the excellence of the provision and the excellence of graduates.”
– Christopher Bannerman, Canadian Heritage Assessor
In addition to performance, many dancers combine dancing with teaching, choreography, writing, consulting, or administrative work.

“Besides technique, the School has provided me another way to approach dance.  It has given me confidence, and many tools to prepare for whichever industry I may choose.  The diverse faculty, many of them active in the professional world, provide a lot of tools for us to enter the professional world.”
– Matthew Cuff, graduate, from Toronto, Ontario
Potential career paths may lead you to a successful career in:
  • dance performance
  • choreography
  • artistic and rehearsal direction
  • dance teaching
  • dance company or collective creation and development
  • dance festival curation
  • dance performance presentation
  • dance research, criticism, and writing
  • health and fitness instruction
  • independent studio ownership and direction
  • theatre performance and production
  • arts administration
  • arts consultancy
“Having been shown a lot of different tools gave us experience that could lead us to other fields, not just dance.”
– Danah Rosales, graduate, from Toronto, Ontario