PIVOT 2021 – July 30 at 8pm EDT

Welcome to PIVOT 2021, a live-streamed showing of works by Elke Schroeder and Darryl Tracy featuring first year students of the Professional Training Program, and a new dance film by Hanna Kiel featuring our second and third year students.


Programme Order

brief bodies

Choreography: Darryl Tracy, in collaboration with the dancers
Rehearsal Direction: Megan Nadain
Technical Direction and Production: Robynne Harder
Lighting Design: Logan Cracknell
Music: excerpts of Timber, Michael Gordon (with interpretations by HPRIZM/High Priest of APC, Ikue Mori and Squarepusher)
Music Editing: Gavin Bradley at re:edit
Animation and Editing: Kristen Stambolic
Costumes: Darryl Tracy, in collaboration with the dancers

Performers and Movement Inventors: Peter Bannister, Amelia Brown, Myles Cassell, Mona Kaneko, Caitlin Luening, Ella Parsons, Isey Schaffer-Hooper

The first day of this creative process was the first day we could be in person and in an actual studio. As a group, we have known each other online since January. The initial experience of being together live was rich, odd, new and galvanized. I thought about perception and how we interpret what is in front of us. This took me to the work of John Berger (English art critic, novelist, painter and poet and author of Ways of Seeing) and Oscar Wilde's de profundis.  I want to thank the dancers for their investment and input. Additionally, I want to thank the team as well as the staff at the School. – DT


Choreography and Video Editing: Elke Schroeder
Rehearsal Direction: Johanna Bergfelt
Technical Direction and Production: Robynne Harder
Lighting Design: Logan Cracknell
Music: Nicolas Jaar; Raime; nature sounds
Videography: Robynne Harder (in-studio); Deep Patel (lake footage); self-filming by the dancers

Dancers/Collaborators: Katie Ayer, Rajvi Dedhia, Abby Hanson, Jayde Lazier, Pritesh Mehta, Camryn Rieksts, Maya Santos O'Keefe

"Watch out for bubbles."
What happens next with the evolution of air as Danger... with bodies moving in space, with fashion, with taboo, with connection...
This is a work born out of the necessity to continue. Art as oxygen.
With huge love and gratitude to everyone who made this work possible. – ES

Movement 2 and 3 and More

Choreography: Hanna Kiel, in collaboration with the dancers
Rehearsal Direction: Yiming Cai
Technical Direction and Production: Robynne Harder

Movement 2
Music: Bassoon Concerto in D Minor, RV 481: II. Larghetto, Antonio Vivaldi
Dancers: Katie Adams-Gossage, Nidhi Baadkar, Fannie-Rose Bernard, Julianna Heft, Sydney-Grace James, Jaimee Leggett, Ellen Moore, Frédérique Perron, Jayna Shi

Thanks to Kayla Champis, Hannah Faith, and Ben King for their contributions to the creative process.

Movement 3
Music: Bassoon Concerto in D Minor, RV 481: III. Allegro molto, Antonio Vivaldi
Dancers: Katie Adams-Gossage, Nidhi Baadkar, Fannie-Rose Bernard, Charlotte Cain, Julianna Heft, Sydney-Grace James, Evan Kimber, Jaimee Leggett, Marina Méndez Juárez, Ellen Moore, Frédérique Perron, Hannah Pilon, Michael Rayson, Jayna Shi, Kurumi Yoshimoto, Yael Zifroni

Movement from home

Stabat Mater in F Minor, RV 621: I. Stabat Mater dolorosa, Antonio Vivaldi
 Kayla Champis, Hannah Faith, Adèle Ross


This process has been a new challenge for me. Normally, I choose the music for the work I create, but this time, I was given the music by the School. The original material is part of a collaboration with Tafelmusik. Movement 2 and Movement 3 were created for the students who were in town and attending the School in-person so that we could film the videos at 80 Winchester. Movement from home is for the students who were out of town working virtually so that they could film the videos themselves. After a few cancellations related to lockdown restrictions, we decided that all of the dancers would film themselves. Most of the process was done virtually, and these dancers gave everything they could to make this project happen. 

I would like to thank the School for pushing this project. Thanks to everyone who helped with organizing and for sharing many conversations. Thanks to Yiming who assisted this process and made sure everyone was on the same page. And most importantly, I would like to thank the dancers who shared the ups and downs of a 10-month process. You made this work come alive.

A very special thanks to Pat Fraser for bringing me in and trusting me and Yiming to do our job. – HK


Artist Biographies

JOHANNA BERGFELT a native of Sweden, has an extensive performance background beginning with Östgötabaletten, Norrdans, and Barents Dance Ensemble. Since coming to Canada in 2000, she has worked with The Chimera Project, Kaeja d’Dance, ProArteDanza, and numerous independent artists; she was also a company dancer with Toronto Dance Theatre for six years. She has been nominated for four Dora Mavor Moore Awards. As well as performing, Bergfelt has collaborated with Yvonne Ng and ProArteDanza as a rehearsal director.

YIMING CAI is a dance artist from Singapore, presently based in Toronto. He graduated from The School of Toronto Dance Theatre in 2019, and currently collaborates on different projects as a performing artist, dance teacher, and rehearsal assistant. He is passionate about movement-body-spiritual connection through a variety of movement forms, and also about sharing his practices. @yimscai and @in.corpo.re

LOGAN RAJU CRACKNELL is a Toronto-based lighting designer. He graduated from York University in 2015 and has been working in dance, theatre, opera, and live events since then. He is excited to be working with The School of Toronto Dance Theatre again, having worked with them at the SummerWorks Festival. Select lighting design credits include: Everyone Wants a T-Shirt (Prairie Fire, Please!); Judas Noir (BDB Productions/Obsidian Theatre Company); Silk Bath (Silk Bath Collective); Tinker's Toy Factory (Canada's Wonderland); and Walk Unafraid (Silhouettes).

Dora Mavor Moore Award winner HANNA KIEL is originally from Seoul, South Korea. She spent many years in Vancouver pursuing choreography and presenting work. Since moving to Toronto in 2008, Kiel has continued working as an independent dance artist, choreographing for numerous companies and schools. She is one of the founders of The Garage, a dance development and exchange collective group, and the Artistic Director of Human Body Expression.

MEGAN NADAIN, a native of North Vancouver, British Columbia, is a Toronto-based dancer, choreographer and dance educator, and a graduate of the School of TDT. She is a company member with Dancetheatre David Earle, and has worked independently with Event Horizon Dance, Toronto Heritage Dance, Darryl Tracy, and Typecast Dance Company. As a choreographer, Nadain has had her work presented across Canada. In addition to teaching the School's Adult Recreational Classes, she also rehearsal directs for the School.

ELKE SCHROEDER is a Toronto-based dance artist, Inspire by Fighting Monkey Instructor, and creator of One Animal Movement. A graduate of The School of Toronto Dance Theatre, she has worked most recently with Alias Dance Project, Frog in Hand, Kaeja d’Dance, and Lucy Rupert /Blue Ceiling Dance. Her greatest influence is the Fighting Monkey Practice (created by Jozef Frucek and Linda Kapetanea of RootlessRoot). A passionate teacher and maker, she works with many Canadian and international dance, yoga, and movement organizations.

DARRYL TRACY is a Toronto-based independent dance artist: choreographer, interpreter, teacher, and producer. He has created over 41 works, and has choreographed for Connection Dance Works (New Brunswick), L’École de danse contemporaine de Montréal, Sawdon Dance (Winnipeg), and The School of
Dance (Ottawa). During the pandemic, Tracy created a new short film entitled Housebound DemiGod, and has taught online classes with GMD (Toronto), Ottawa Dance Directive (Ottawa), and The School of Dance (Ottawa). He guest-teaches across Canada.



We extend good wishes and heartfelt thanks to outgoing Artistic Director Patricia Fraser, Artistic Associate Susan Macpherson, and Admissions and Records Manager Andrea Roberts. Fraser and Macpherson both retire after many years at the helm of the School; Roberts makes a major career shift to work in the area of cybersecurity.

We offer a warm welcome to our incoming Artistic Director, Sasha Ivanochko. Along with her impressive artistic background and practice, Sasha’s dedication, diligence, and conscientiousness will be wonderful assets for the future of the School.