In April of this year, DanceNL asked current PTP student, Philip McDermott, to be the Dance Ambassador for Newfoundland and Labrador.

Philip moved away from his home in Newfoundland to join the School of TDT back in September 2014. Philip attended the School’s summer intensive program for two years prior to successfully auditioning for the Professional Training Program. Philip immediately threw himself into life at the School and quickly settled in with peers and faculty alike.

[DanceNL’s] mandate is “to preserve, promote and support all forms of dance and dance activities throughout the province.” (

The role of Dance Ambassador is to engage and further promote this mandate and the work of DanceNL, the video below was made with Philip and will be used at dance events and festivals around the province, as well as being shared via social media.

Philip feels extremely honored to have been asked to be a Dance Ambassador for DanceNL;

“It’s incredible to know I have made an impact on the dance community in Newfoundland, when I was living there, and now that I have moved away.”

Philip is a committed student here at the School, a friendly and welcoming face to all, a determined and hardworking dancer, and a truly passionate individual. It is no surprise that he has been nominated to inspire others not only within NL but across the country.

“This has been a dream and passion of mine, to touch people’s lives with the art of dance. And I know this is just the beginning. To be able to communicate through dance and hopefully have even a small impact on people’s lives is wonderful. I am proud to say that dance is not just an art form but also a lifestyle for me.”

Although he may be on his summer vacation from his full-time study here at the School, Philip is by no means taking a break from dance. In keeping with his passionate and giving spirit, he has been volunteering as a demonstrator for our Summer School 2015, and on top of this he is currently performing in PANAMANIA (the Pan Am Games cultural and arts festival) in Sharon B. Moore’s visually thrilling ‘The Thirst for Love and Water’.

We look forward to welcoming Philip back full-time in September, as he prepares to take on his second year of the Professional Training Program.