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The Leslie Wood Leadership Award is presented to a third year student who has displayed leadership qualities and has made a significant contribution to the life of the School. The award is named in honour of Leslie Wood, the exceptionally devoted former Chair, and current Past President, of the School’s Board of Directors, and recognizes Leslie’s dedication to the School and the role model she has provided to us all.

We are delighted to present Yiming Cai and Lucie Schmidt with this year’s Leslie Wood Leadership Award.

Below is what his nominators said of Yiming …

  • Yiming brings a sense of maturity and calm with him wherever he goes. He has the most incredible work ethic, and his incomparable dedication and self-discipline make him someone we all look up to. He is a natural leader, but he leads through practise and process, which is something I deeply admire.
  • Yiming demonstrates leadership by practise and by embodiment. He is involved in his class and in the activities of the School, but ultimately understands the importance of a dancer’s journey. He comprehends the importance of connection: a connection to his body, his practice, and his community. He demonstrates this through his own focus, maturity, and his approach to how he learns and how he is involved.
  • For three years, Yiming has led by example – working with ferocious intensity in class, in rehearsal, in performance, and even in his “off” hours. The consistency of his dedication and focus has been remarkable.

Below is what her nominators said of Lucie …

  • Lucie has been a leader throughout her time at the School. As Student Council President this year, she has arranged numerous workshops that align with the interests of students. This has taken lots of time and coordination.  She always seems to do the majority of planning and organizing of fundraising and many other events for the third year class.
  • Her organizational skills and willingness to contribute have truly made a noticeable impact on the life at the School. She is also very welcoming and positive, which was very appreciated when I was still new to the School environment.
  • It’s clear that she cares deeply about the well-being of her classmates and the student body as a whole. Lucie has been an exceptional School President.

Congratulations to both Yiming and Lucie, from all of us at the School.