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The Kathryn Leadership Award is presented to a third year student who has displayed leadership qualities and has made a significant contribution to the life of the School. The award is named in honour of Kathryn Ash, our Past President and a Board member for 18 years, and recognizes Kathryn’s dedication to the School and the role model she has provided to us all.

We are delighted to present Tyra Temple-Smith with this year’s Kathryn Ash Leadership Award.

One of her choreographers said: “Tyra is bold and communicative while remaining mature, focused, and respectful. She has been integral to finding solutions in our choreographic process, as well as a strong leader among the cast and a source of positivity and humour. She takes initiative with her peers as well as independently, without the need for redirection. Consistent in each rehearsal, and constantly improving, Tyra is a dancer whom I have come to trust and rely upon for her physical abilities, performance quality, professionalism, and positive spirit.”

Another nominator said: “Tyra has shown that she is very selfless – she cares for her class, championing the fundraising causes since first year. She applies her creativity and artistic skills in ways to benefit her community, including designing merchandise. She has demonstrated generosity, allowing her art pieces to sell at far below market value. She has been a unifying figure to her class, and also to the whole School, when she was on the Student Council. She absolutely has the interest of her peers at heart. Tyra has the resilience of a leader and is also grounded, approachable, respectful, and genuine. She has contributed much to life at the School, and deserves to be celebrated.”