Here is our latest update on the re-opening of our Professional Training Program:

The School of Toronto Dance Theatre is committed to in-person training, as much as is permitted within the guidelines provided by the Ministry of Colleges and Universities through the Private Career Colleges branch, the Government of Ontario, and the City of Toronto.

To that end, the School has decided to delay re-opening for second and third-year students until October 15, 2020. We would ask all second and third-year students who are not currently residing in Ontario to arrive in the province by October 1, 2020, in order to observe a two-week isolation period, should it be necessary. Classes will commence online and in person, and continue until December 18, 2020, at which time the School will observe a two-week break over the holiday season, with classes recommencing on January 4, 2021.

Additionally, for second and third-year students, we are strategizing a hybrid model of teaching that may include in-person combined with remote instruction. That would mean that it may be possible for some students to take class in person in the studio, while others are taking the same class remotely. We are planning this model for three reasons:

  • In the event that a second or third-year student is not able to get to Ontario, the School would be able to deliver their classes online, remotely.
  • In order to observe require guidelines regarding studio occupancy numbers, we may have to have some students in studio, and others online.
  • Should there be a second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, or should government regulations require us to close our in-person training, we would be able to deliver the balance of classes online for the rest of the term.

For incoming first-year studentswe are proposing to commence classes online on January 4, 2021, and in person on January 18, 2021. We would therefore ask all first-year students who are not currently residing in Ontario to arrive in the province by January 1, 2021, to observe the 14-day isolation period, as noted above. Though our intention is to provide in-person training from January to the end of the school year for all our students, we recognize this may not be possible, and we would continue with our hybrid model of programming.

Currently, the planned year-end date for second and third-year students is May 28, and for first-year students, it is July 30, 2021. Dates are subject to change.

Additionally, our Recreational Programs will continue to be suspended until further notice as we strategize how best to engage with our young and adult recreational dancers to provide programming while ensuring their health and well-being.

As you may understand, the School is navigating the use of the building at 80 Winchester Street which we share with Toronto Dance Theatre and the Toronto Dance Foundation, and we are mindful of current requirements regarding limiting the number of people in enclosed spaces. Throughout our planning, the School is adhering to all the health and safety protocols as regulated by the government and recommended by public health professionals, and will continue to observe these protocols, and update them as events progress.

Your health and safety, and our commitment to excellence in training, continue to be our top priorities. As we work on creating a comprehensive re-opening guide (set to be released early October), the following list is an overview of some of our updated health and safety measures:

Social Distancing

• Limiting the number of people in each studio at one time.
• Marking the floors to ensure proper distancing between each person.
• Using different doors for entering/exiting studios and the building to prevent traffic jams.
• Removing furniture from the hallways to discourage people from lingering in the hallways.
• Staggering start/end times with others in the building to allow for limited contact.
• Offering classes remotely as well as in-person to accommodate larger classes.

Contact Tracing and Social Bubbles

• Requiring all students, staff, and faculty to sign-in/out of the building.
• Pre-screening and temperature checks will happen at the beginning of each day.
• Separating classes to ensure smaller “bubbles” of students are interacting with each other in person.
• No guests outside of the organizations working in the building will be permitted to enter.


• We will provide reusable facemasks to all students, staff, and faculty.
• Facemasks will be required at all times in the building.


• All dance studios will be sanitized between each group changeover.
• Hand sanitizer will be placed in each studio and in the hallways.
• High-touch surfaces and bathrooms will be cleaned more frequently.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we strive to provide the best possible program we can offer.

Stay safe and healthy,

  Patricia Fraser
  Artistic Director
Michelle Yeung, CFRE
Managing Director