Our end-of-year Attendance and Academic Awards were awarded during a virtual ceremony hosted on May 6, 2020. Please join us in congratulating the following students:

Attendance prizes 1st year

  • Fannie-Rose Bernard
  • Julianna Heft
  • Frédérique Perron

Attendance prizes 2nd year

  • Hannah Pilon

Attendance prizes 3rd year

  • Aryana Malekzadeh

Anatomy Award
– Katie Adams-Gossage and Ellen Moore

Faculty member Darryl Tracy says this about Katie:

“Katie, you had such a mature approach to your learning in anatomy, and watching you use that information in your dancing is exactly what it is intended for – application and deepening our understanding. You sought out extra advice when things were not clear, and your curiosity and meticulous approach showed off in your knowledge base. Excellent work!”

Darryl says this about Ellen:

“Ellen, you had an incredible year in anatomy. Your presentation based on super heroes was hilarious and thorough, and your work on your own goals was very well laid out and measured.  Excellent work!”

Dance History Award – Katie Adams-Gossage and Ellen Moore

Faculty member Andrea Roberts says this about Katie and Ellen:

“The Dance History award goes to two students with above average research and presentation skills. Both of them have near perfect grades, and have put extra effort into their investigations throughout the year. Many of their assignments asked them to solve puzzles with very few resources, and both of these students did an exceptional job of not only compiling information, but also of understanding and explaining the context of the work they explored in articulate and interesting ways. Congratulations to Katie Adams-Gossage and Ellen Moore!”

Music Award 1Jaimee Leggett

Faculty member Colin Frotten says this about Jaimee:

“You were a joy to teach! You have a calm demeanour, and a strong work ethic. Your coursework was excellent, and your Choreographic Study piece was thoughtful and well researched. But most importantly, you were willing to try anything that I would throw at you, without any reservation. Congratulations Jaimee!

Music Award 2Charlotte Cain

Faculty member Colin Frotten says this about Charlotte:

“You are hard-working, dedicated to the course material, and you are always eager to learn something new. You have made great strides since first year – who knew you would be excited to sing, and not only that, but to learn some harmonies as well! In all seriousness, even over our virtual Zoom classes, you have been extremely supportive to your peers, and you really bring a sense of joy to the entire class. Congratulations, Charlotte, on a fantastic term!” 

Bouffon Award 3 – Aryana Malekzadeh

Adjunct Faculty member Massimo Agostinelli says this about Aryana:

“The extreme pure natural joy, laughter, and pleasure she radiated was nothing short of amazing. I adored teaching her and I adored watching her and I adored laughing hysterically with her! When I see a student with magnificent energy, personality, generosity, and attitude, it grabs my attention immediately. Bouffon has been like magic for Aryana. She got absolutely everything out of this experience since first year. She is so true to herself, and an amazing team player! You deserve everything you dream about, Aryana, because what you give to your world will without a doubt come back to you tenfold! Bravissima!!!!!!!!”

Pedagogy 3 Award – Course Work – Jianna Neufeld

Artistic Director and faculty member Patricia Fraser says this of Jianna:

“Jianna planned her combination very well and knew her material thoroughly.  She taught quickly and efficiently, giving very clear directions and delivering instructions with enthusiasm while leaving no one behind.  She gave very good physical and spatial directions, and used appropriate vocabulary. She has a very good, clear voice with good volume, tone, and projection, and she counts very steadily.  Jianna gave lots of good “tips” throughout and acknowledged when her dancers did well – “Ya – that’s it!”.  She has a very positive demeanour while being an authoritative and confident teacher. Jianna had a very thorough and detailed grasp of her material, and has a really keen and infectious teaching manner.  Maybe most importantly – Tita thought she did very well.  Superb work, Jianna! 

Pedagogy 3 Award – PracticumCaroline Bentley

Training and Performance Associate Rosemary James had this to say about Caroline’s Pedagogy work:

“In her practice teaching, Caroline was well-prepared, confident, and enthusiastic about sharing her passion for the Martha Graham Technique. She taught with energy, and implemented all the challenges that were given. She was able to articulate her ideas through excellent physical demonstration, imagery, and technical elements. Caroline was generous with her feedback, gave positive constructive criticism, and acknowledged the dancers’ efforts. She had good time management skills, allowing the dancers several opportunities to experience the movement. Caroline has also demonstrated on a number of occasions in various capacities, including Summer School, and School auditions. I believe that all these experiences will contribute to Caroline’s growth in becoming an exceptional teacher.”

Creative Process 3 Award – Andrea Rojas Ortiz

Resident Choreographer and faculty member Julia Sasso says of Andrea:

“You dove deep into Creative Process, the way you dive deep into all you do. Creativity is in you. You’re a keen observer, present, curious, and inquisitive. Your Choreographic Workshop piece, soul(itudes) is profoundly beautiful: mysterious, haunting, beautifully crafted, and wonderfully directed and performed. Congratulations, Andrea.”