PROGRAM  April 8 & 9, 2021

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Acceleration 2021, to be broadcast on April 8 and 9, 2021, will feature solo works by a stellar list of choreographers: Susie Burpee, Roberto Campanella, Christopher House, Sasha Ivanochko, Emma Kerson, Alanna Kraaijeveld, and Naishi Wang. The program will also include a beautiful work by the late Trish Beatty, co-founder of the School. Acceleration is our annual program featuring the students of the graduating class. This year, we have pivoted from our usual program of small chamber pieces, and will present a solo work for each of the dancers; these have been created not only in Toronto, but in cities across the country.

Trish Beatty’s exquisite solo, High Heart, will be remounted by rehearsal director Danielle Baskerville, who has herself performed the work most memorably. Two of our talented third year students, KURUMI YOSHIMOTO and YAEL ZIFRONI, will be dancing the work.

Susie Burpee will create new choreography for CHARLOTTE CAIN and CHRISTINA LITT BELCH. Burpee’s critically acclaimed works have been seen across the country at various festivals and presentation platforms. Her work focuses on the intersections of creator and performer, and the collision of chance and craft.

Roberto Campanella is set to create a new solo, to be danced by HANNAH PILON, MICHAEL RAYSON, and KURUMI YOSHIMOTO. Campanella is known for the highly physical and dramatic choreography he creates for his company, ProArteDanza.

Christopher House, former long-time Artistic Director of Toronto Dance Theatre, will create a new solo work to be danced by EVAN KIMBER and MARINA MÉNDEZ JUÁREZ. House has a magnificent musical sensitivity in all his choreography.

We are delighted to have a new piece by our distinguished 1991 graduate, Sasha Ivanochko, Artistic Director of Dancers’ Studio West, who will create a solo for LYLA-JEAN BOWMAN, in Calgary. Ivanochko’s choreography is renowned for its dramatic physicality, unflinchingly candid performances, and detailed craftsmanship.

Emma Kerson, PTP graduate of 2011, will create a new work for DENVER SCOTT, in Halifax. Kerson’s choreography blends feminism, physicality, and a dry comedic wit, pairing deeply researched physical ideas with challenging interpretive choices.

Alanna Kraaijeveld, 2004 graduate of the PTP, will create a new work for ADÈLE ROSS in Montreal. Kraaijeveld is known for her work with “Fighting Monkey”, an exciting and super-physical movement practice. Her choreography prioritizes coordination and communication to accelerate skill integration and development.

Finally, our 2007 graduate, Naishi Wang, will create a new work for BENJAMIN COX, ALEXANDER KOREN, and YAEL ZIFRONI; Wang’s past work has been detailed, poetic, and meditative and deals with cultural influences; our ways of talking, walking, dancing, singing, and our ways of relating to the world around us.

We look forward to all of these solos, and hope that you will enjoy them with us!