There is lots to celebrate here at the School! On October 20, we had a magnificent 50th anniversary reunion/party, which involved a whole day of festivities. The day began with two well-attended technique classes for alumni. Rosemary’s class was held in the theatre, with an appreciative audience in attendance, and Pat Miner’s class happened in Studio A. Both were full of former students, all delighted to have the chance to participate, once again, in a well-loved part of their training, which, for some, was a great many years ago!

The afternoon included a hugely successful “tea with Pat Fraser”, for which she had baked some delicious goodies.  Studio D was jam-packed with alumni and friends for two solid hours, and the decibel level was through the roof! Then in the evening, the soirée included a dance party (with live DJ) in the theatre, and a photo display, videos, music, and a bar in Studio A, which rang with cries of delight all evening, as former classmates rediscovered each other and caught up.

Check out some photos from the event: