Earlier this year, we celebrated the successes and achievements of our students by announcing our 2021 Award and Scholarship winners.

Along with the announcement of our in-class academic awards, we awarded a first-year student with our newly established First-Year Excellence in Performance Award, generously supported by The Turk Family Trust

A big congratulations to all the recipients!


Academic Awards

Attendance Prize: Second Year – Jaimee Leggett

Attendance Prize: Third Year – Yael Zifroni

Music 2 Award – Frédérique Perron

Creative Process 3 Award – Adèle Ross 

Pedagogy 3 Award: Course Work – Charlotte Cain and Yael Zifroni

Pedagogy 3 Award: Practicum – Yael Zifroni


Awards and Scholarships (click below for full announcements)

The Sharon Moore Solo Project – Benjamin Cox

The Leslie Wood Leadership Award – Lyla-Jean Bowman and Adèle Ross

Walker Wood Foundation Bursary – Christina Litt Belch and Adèle Ross

The Kathryn Ash Scholarship – Katie Adams-Gossage and Hannah Faith

The Kathryn Ash Choreographic Commission – Pulga Muchochoma

The Winchester Prize – Charlotte Cain, Michael Rayson, and Kurumi Yoshimoto

First-Year Excellence in Performance Award – Rajvi Dedhia