Philip McDermott, Anya Tregubova © Cylla von Tiedemann

Walker Wood Foundation Bursary

The criteria upon which the Walker Wood Foundation bursaries are awarded include:
• demonstrated leadership qualities
• high academic standing

The two extremely deserving recipients of this year’s Walker Wood Award are Philip McDermott and Anya Tregubova.

The panel’s remarks included:

Philip McDermott
Philip has been absolutely unshakeable in his passion, focus, determination, and positive energy for the whole time he’s been at the School. Since first year, he has been responsible and totally committed to his dance training. He is immersed in the School, the community, and has a strong and positive impact on others around him.  He has created many opportunities for himself for his future career.  Philip is an incredible performer and has excellent stage presence, radiating a passion for movement that is simply a joy to watch. His positive energy has been a gift and he shares that gift with a wonderfully open generosity. He’s been a devoted assistant in the Young Dancers’ Program, passing on the joy he feels in dance to the next generation of movers. Academically, he was the highest ranked applicant for this award.

Anya Tregubova
Anya’s application revealed a mature thought process.  Her writing conveyed her passion, her incredible commitment to the art form, and clearly articulated the impact of her training.  She is devoted to her personal artistic progress, is hard-working, and is dedicating to challenging herself.  She has clear plans for how she would use the financial support of this bursary in ways that would advance her professional development and enhance her career; and Anya is a stunning dancer and an exceptionally gifted interpreter.

Special Graduating Student Award – the Sharon Moore Solo Project

The Sharon Moore Solo Project is an initiative to provide an opportunity to a current student or new graduate of the School to engage in a creative process with Sharon Moore. The dancer(s) will participate in a two to four week process, which may culminate in a new work.

The School is delighted to announce that Philip McDermott and Mio Sakamoto have been chosen as this year’s participants in the Sharon Moore Solo Project.

Sharon Moore says:

“Philip McDermott has such special qualities. He seems to arrive into rehearsal knowing what is needed immediately, jumping in with both feet flying, a massive smile on his face, seeking his destiny in life and in art. Artistically he never fails to take each unique opportunity and grow. He widens his artistic scope, purely from a point of genuine curiosity. He possesses a deep care for dance and art and people.”

“Mio Sakamoto is an artist who is fearless. Driven by passion, desire to communicate, and true gifts as a mover, she is an elegant spirit and a firecracker! She has had a tremendous journey during her time at the School and it has been a privilege to watch her over the last three years of her training.”

The School extends congratulations to Philip and Mio, many thanks to Sharon Moore for her generosity, and best wishes to all for a wonderful experience.

Foreground (L-R): Mio Sakamoto, Geanderson Mello, Philip McDermott, Tia Kushniruk in Danny Grossman’s La Valse © Cylla von Tiedemann

Curriculum Awards 2017

Attendance prizes
1st year – Yiming Cai and Gwendolyn Mitchell
2nd year – Momoko Kawada
3rd year – Tia Kushniruk, Federico Puentes Acosta, Brianna Salmon

Anatomy Award – Kari Labrentz

Dance History Award – Morgyn Aronyk-Schell, Yiming Cai, and Gwendolyn Mitchell

Pedagogy 3 Award – Practicum – Nicola Adilman

Pedagogy 3 Award – Course Work – Federico Puentes Acosta

Creative Process 3 Award – Vanessa Chiasson
Honourable MentionConnor McPhail
Breakthrough AwardBrianna Salmon