B.A., Linguistics, York University

Robin Buckley was born and raised in North Bay, Ontario and came to Toronto after high school to complete a degree in Linguistics at York University. After this, he began seriously to pursue music as a vocation, having studied the drums and played music from a young age. Professionally he has found himself on stage with an eclectic mix of musicians, playing everything from pop to avant garde. As a performing musician, he has travelled across Canada and to Europe and Asia.

In 2005 Buckley began working as a modern dance accompanist, filling in for friends when needed. He now plays regularly at Canada’s National Ballet School, Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre, The Etobicoke School for the Arts, and The School of Toronto Dance Theatre. He has composed music for choreography from time to time, and looks forward to more collaborations in the future. He lives with his wife and two sons in midtown Toronto.