Juno-nominated multi-percussionist drummer and composer, Larry Graves has dedicated himself to innovation, exploring rhythm-based performance traditions from around the world through research, creation, and teaching.

After studying performance and composition at the Berklee College of Music, Graves became charmed by the deep sounds and wondrous poly-rhythms of West Africa. He has spent a great deal of time traveling and researching music in Ghana, Senegal, and Burkina Faso. Under the tutelage of many master-drummers, dancers, and singers, he learned from cultures that are truly ‘the source’ of many of the world’s great musical practices.

Graves currently presents rhythm and percussion workshops for people of all ages, performs regularly with various ensembles throughout Canada, teaches drum set and percussion at York University, and creates music for various contemporary dance organizations in Toronto. Formally of Mr. Something Something fame, he now directs the original music-making DRUMHAND, Surefire Sweat, and Ghana-inspired Orkestra Gatigo. He also performs regularly with Toronto’s Urban Highlanders, and Asiko Afrobeat, to name a few.