Nicola Adilman, Maude Fortier, Tylee Jones © Cylla von Tiedemann

The Leadership Award is presented to a third year student who has displayed leadership qualities and has made a significant contribution to the life of the School. The award is named in honour of Kathryn Ash, our Past President and a Board member for 18 years, and recognizes Kathryn’s dedication to the School and the role model she has provided to us all.

We are delighted to present Nicola Adilman, Maude Fortier, and Tylee Jones with this year’s Kathryn Ash Leadership Award.

Nominators’ comments on the winners included:

Nicola Adilman
Nicola is always positive and encourages teamwork; she’s willing to help others and is really able to pull everyone together to get something done. Nicola has been a great help to all first year students – encouraging and really enthusiastic.  She buoys everyone with her wonderful optimism.

Maude Fortier
Maude has been the Rehearsal Space Coordinator for the past year.  It’s a very demanding job and required her to navigate a multitude of challenges: space, time, scheduling, personalities, quick turnaround, and a need for flexibility, adaptability, negotiating skills, and diplomacy. Maude managed to navigate these many challenges with patience, aplomb, and unflappability.  Maude has shown in her daily working life and artistic practice a commitment to progress, and to being proactive in creating opportunities for her future in dance.

Tylee Jones
Tylee is always present, on time, ready to go, ready for anything, and passionate about what he does. He is unfailingly cheerful and his disposition helps everyone through challenging times.  Tylee has been a great support to the School staff during audition times, helping out and offering a friendly face to nervous candidates, ensuring that they feel welcome at the School and is a humble and generous human being.