“I had a great time and I think my class was really lucky to see this performance; thank you!”

“My class went to The School of Toronto Dance Theatre to watch other students perform.  We saw 4 different works and each of them was great!  I was amazed when I saw the dancers and how well disciplined they were … I give them 2 thumbs up and 5 stars out of 5.”

“I thought that the choreographer was very creative by using some true history for the dance … The dance had fast movements … [and] costumes which really stood out.  The choreography was great.  This dance was fabulous.”

“Today my class went on a trip to The School of Toronto Dance Theatre, and we had a great time … the dance filled my head with imagination … it was very strong and powerful; the lights made it even more powerful and I liked the costumes.  It was a great performance.”

“I enjoyed it so much.  I hope I come here next year.”