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The Kathryn Ash Scholarship is a merit-based award made possible by donations to the Kathryn Ash Scholarship Fund. The scholarship is available to full-time students, in good standing, entering their third year of study, and is open to both Canadian and international students. Application is required when students are in second year. Senior faculty and staff will compose a short list of students and the final decision will be made by a panel of senior faculty, staff, invited guest artists, and a Board member. The award is non-renewable.

The criteria upon which the Kathryn Ash Scholarship is awarded include:

• Consistent demonstration of artistic and technical accomplishment
• Receptiveness to the learning process
• Curiosity, investigation, and exploration
• Evidence of progress
• Performance quality in class and on the stage
• Work ethic, commitment, attendance, and professionalism
• Integrity and dedication
• A passion for the craft of the dancer, and the art of dance

The 2017 recipient was an extremely deserving candidate going into her final year of study, Chihiro Nukuto.

To see just how powerful your gift can be, we invite you to watch a student profile of Kathia Wittenborn, the first recipient of the Kathryn Ash Scholarship.